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Software Development

  • Windows Application Development (managed (. NET) / Unmanaged)
  • Windows Network Services Development (Managed(.NET)/Unmanaged)
  • Windows Application Development (XP/Vista/7) with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF .NET3.5)
  • Windows Network Services Development (XP/Vista/7) with Windows Comunication Foundation (WCF .NET3.5)
  • Windows Driver Development con Windows Driver Foundation (WDF)
  • COM/.NET Interoperability
  • WPF/WIN32 Interoperability

Data Acquisition

  • Windows Application Development with National Instruments Measurement Studio (C#)
  • Design and integration of data acquisition systems with National Instruments HW
  • Display, processing and storage of data acquired in real time


  • Design of Local Area Networks and VPN
  • Wireless Solutions
    • Point to Point Solutions (Backhaul)
    • Point to Multipoint Solutions
    • Professional WiFi Solutions

    • Hardware / Software Consulting
    • Security

      • Threats
      • Kaspersky Open Space Security
      • Kaspersky Work Space Security
      • Kaspersky Business Space Security
      • Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security
      • Kaspersky Total Space Security
      • Kaspersky Mobile Security 9

TheGreenBow Enterprise Security Software, IPSec VPN Client software, File and Email encryption

    • IPSec VPN Client software
    • Mobile IPSec VPN Client software
    • File and Email encryption
  • Analysis and verification of existing solutions
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • VoIP
  • Virtualization

Embedded Systems

  • We provide advice for the development and implementation of embedded systems
  • Microsoft XPEmbedded Systems Development


  • Applications:
    • Security
    • Authentication
    • Access control and presence detection
    • Asset Management
    • Logistics
    • Process automation
  • We provide advice for the development and implementation of RFID systems
  • Possible integration with existing systems and equipment

Wireless Sensors Networks

  • Applications:
    • Civil Engineering - Structural Health Monitoring
    • Monitoring of environmental parameters both outdoors and in greenhouses or special environments
    • Health care applications
    • Energy applications
    • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Support for selected sensors adapted to the needs of the customer
  • Advice and support for the commissioning of the system