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Professional experience and research

  • During his PhD (2006-2007) and subsequent two-year Research Fellowship (2007-2008 and 2008-2009) he followed the development of firmware and software for a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for biomedical use. More details:

    • DSP TI TMS320C6205 Firmware development (Integrated PCI controller)

    • Windows Kernel Mode Driver Development for a PCI device withPCI bus mastering. Developed with the Windows Driver Foundation - KMDF (Kernel-Mode Driver Framework).

    • Development of native user mode Windows DLL (high-level driver management).

    • Development of native and managed .NET Windows Network Services (C, C + +, C #)

    • Network Client Development (MDI interface) for remote supervision and control implemented in C # with .NET 2.0 and later .NET 3.5.

      • He managed individually both Design and Project Management of the system software.

      • Management of field tests of the system.

      • Recognition of copyright by the University

  • He taught a course of higher education and technical training IFTS (2003) that includes classroom and practical matters relating to the LabView programming at "IPSIA - Attilio Odero" under the project-BUILDLAN 2003 - "Maintenance Technician and Field Network Operator"

  • During the period between graduation (2003) and the entire first year of doctoral research grant (2008) he collaborated with STMicroelectronics (AST) in Agrate (MI) for the development of a simulator of a programmable co-processor for motion estimation for H.264. The project lasted for many years was aimed to develop a programmable software tools for architectural exploration of a family of motion estimator core for video compression algorithms. This tool was interfaced with the video compression algorithm implemented in software (HW / SW partitioning) and simulated the behavior of a dedicated co-processor including registers, caches, pipelines, control units as well as its proprietary assembler programming language that allowed the implementation of the search algorithm of Motion Vectors. This simulator then allowed to test the many possible HW configurations (registers, cache type and size, bus size, and many other parameters) to the vary of the configuration parameters of the video compression algorithm (image size from QCIF to full HDTV Frame rate, Intra Period, #BFrames, Frame / Field, blocks from 16x16 to 4x4, etc..) thus making possible a realistic estimate of the performance of the algorithm coupled with the HW architecture. (HW / SW Codesign of a complex system). The simulator described in his thesis and his doctoral thesis proved effective by meeting the required specifications.

  • With scholarship at Marconi Mobile (from 22.06.2000 to 31.06.2002) has been active in developing firmware (DSP TMS320C6202 from Texas Instrument) for telephone applications (DSP firmware for ATM 101):

    • Porting of audio algorithms on TI C6000 platform (G723, G729, G726 (ADPCM), G711 (a-law, u-law), G165 (Echo Del.), etc.).


    • Implementation of voice and data processing algorithms (eg. Binary Error detection and correction codes with BCH coding, audio algorithms owned by Marconi Mobile).

    • C62x Driver implementation and system integration (implementation of the control system and real-time scheduler) using TI DSP/BIOS.

  • As an associate at engineering office in Lavagna (GE) (1996-1998) he worked on electrical and electronic CAD and executive details. He has done testing on electrical and electronic equipment, industrial and shipboard. Application of safety standards Law 626, Law 46/90.

  • Proprietor of VAT from June 2007 provides consulting / professional services.